August 12, 2022


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Top Things Customers Look for in a Cake Shop

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Cakes are a delicious and popular dessert. When you need to order a cake, what is most important to you? Is it the cost? The taste? Or maybe the look of the cake or bakery itself? Cake shops vary greatly in price and quality, which is why it’s important that you know what to expect when ordering your next cake.

If you go online and search for a cake shop, the results may show establishments within your vicinity. While they are within your reach, not all of these cake shops are created equal.

Among the top things customers look for in a cake shop are:

  1. The cake should be decadent and delicious.

What good is a cake if it doesn’t taste amazing? Bakeries whose cakes are made with high quality ingredients including real butter, heavy cream, and pure vanilla extract so that everyone has something sweet and delicious to enjoy at your party or event. 

Indeed, a cake can be a simple dessert or it could be the centrepiece of an elaborate party. What makes a cake taste good is usually how much time and effort is put into making it, both with ingredients and baking skills.

  1. The cake shop needs to have a wide selection of flavours available.

The cake shop needs to have a wide selection of flavours available. This is so people can find the flavour they want, and it will be easier for customers to buy their favourite flavour. Customers will feel more satisfied with their purchase if they are able to buy what they want, instead of being limited by what’s in stock at the time.

Most people who buy cake rely on what’s available in the bakery’s racks. At the same time, they can get tired with the usual flavours, such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. By having a wide selection of cake flavours, customers are able to choose the right variant and not settle for what’s there.

  1. The cake shop must be able to do custom cakes.

Some clients order cake for a very special occasion. In this regard, the cakes on display won’t be able to cater to their needs, as they want a customised cake that matches their vision for the celebration.

The best bake shops are those who can come up with customised cakes. These cakes are not only unique in terms of design and build, but also in their flavours, as these are carefully selected by the customer.

  1. The cake shop is operated by a professional baker who specialises in cakes.

While both bakeshops and cake shops are perceived by many people to be one and the same, they are totally different stores. Sure, you can find cakes in a bakery, and other baked products in a cake shop. However, what really sets them apart is the skill set of their bakers, as these are the people in charge of making the cake.

Bakeries often employ a baker who has a more diverse knowledge in making baked products, such bread, pastries, and cakes. Not all of these bakers specialise in cakes; there are even instances when they create mistakes in their cakes mainly because this is not their forte.

On the other hand, cake shops are spearheaded by a baker who has undergone intensive training in making cakes. You are rest assured that they are able to deliver the cake whose design and flavour you requested within your specified timeframe.


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