5 Best Dietary Supplements Companies You Should Know

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Supplements have grown in use and it is not surprising to see many brands coming up with different products regularly.

This may be great for the market but it has become increasingly difficult to tell which brand you should patronize. Arming yourself with a comprehensive list of companies known in the industry will help you identify any unfamiliar and questionable brand.  But that isn’t enough.

One other reason that has made choosing a brand difficult is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has no say in what type of product should be seen in the market. Thus, consumers are left to trust what these manufacturers or health experts say. Thus, a company like Kats Botanicals can introduce a supplement into the market

To help you in making better decisions, we have decided to provide you with a list of companies that manufacture vitamins and supplements. They are mentioned below.

  1. MegaFood

If you are looking for a vast array of vitamins and dietary products, MegaFood has proven to be a pacesetter in this department. Their products are said to be organic and adequate for vegetarians.

To show you that they are a brand to reckon with, many third-party establishments have proven their products to be legit through various research.

Their vitamins and supplements come in different forms such as liquid, capsule, gummy, tablet, powder, and chewable. Their prices are great as well.  At MegaFood, products cost around $15.99–81.42.

  1. Persona

Persona helps to find the right supplements for you. They provide a monthly service where customers get their vitamins and dietary supplements. Before you make a purchase at Persona, they will evaluate your health and diet 

to provide you with the right supplements. They have health experts and trained dietitians in place to help you.

Their vast array of products includes sleep supplements, men’s and women’s multivitamins, weight loss supplements, and CBD supplements.

Although their supplements are not USP-verified, they claim that medical experts have evaluated their products. Persona also assures that its materials have been evaluated and found to be of great quality. Prices are determined by the individual plans.

  1. Care/of

This is a supplements manufacturing company that provides customers with a modified supplements subscription plan. Care/of believes that its supplements are suitable for those with varying dietary issues.

The company evaluates the health of any customer and provides the right vitamin plan for them using their findings. Their products include collagen, probiotics, herbs, protein, minerals, and vitamins. The prices of these products rely on the kind of plan given to each individual.

  1. Ritual

If a vitamin and supplement brand that comes with a subscription arrangement is what you need, Ritual is one of those you should consider. This company provides consumers with vitamins that are made to suit their specific health and dietary needs. Thus, factors such as gender, age, and health status are being considered.

The company provides vitamins for kids, men, women, and teens. For women, prenatal and postnatal vitamins are also available. Ritual assures that its products are of top-most quality and are made by adhering to set standards and regulations. Since a subscription scheme is involved, prices highly rely on a consumer’s subscription plan.

  1. Nature Made

Nature Made is regarded as one of the best vitamin and dietary supplement brands. They offer products that carry the widely-accepted Pharmacist Recommended seal. Their range of products includes prenatal vitamins, multivitamins, vitamins A, C, and D, and minerals. The prices of their products cost around $9.79–16.89.


There are many dietary supplement manufacturers in the industry. You can rely on reviews to provide you with ample information about such brands which can help you determine their legitimacy. Also, it is advisable to seek advice from a medical expert before opting for any dietary supplement.