All You Should Know Before Buying a Sun Shade

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A sun shade is a cover for your deck or patio made from a durable fabric to protect you from the sun. You can install a sun shade by stretching the fabric and fixing the corners to the mounting points. A sun shade is a simple thing that is versatile yet costs much less than a permanent shade structure. You can buy shades in various sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns to suit your aesthetics.

Main Benefits of a Sun Shade

While a sun shade, as the name suggests, protects from the blazing sunshine and reduces exposure to UV rays that can be harmful to health. According to John Hopkins Medicine, exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your eyes, skin, immune system and cause cancer. It also provides shelter from the rain, wind, dust, and even snow. Because the fabric structure is open on all sides, the air can pass through freely and keep the area beneath cooler than metal or wooden structures. A sun shade also delivers protection to your patio furniture and other equipment. Due to the better comfort, you, your family, and guests can enjoy extended time outdoors.

Different Types of Sun Shades

Even though the applications and benefits of using sun shades are numerous, they available in three basic shapes – square, rectangular, and triangular. However, by combining color, technique, style, and installation methods, you can have endless opportunities for fulfilling your requirements. The shape you use will depend on the space you want to cover. While square and rectangular ones are best for large areas, the triangular ones are handy for small spaces. Additionally, you can order a custom sun shade for specific needs.

Pros and Cons of Sun Shades

Versatility is the main reason you will want to consider using sun shades. You can put up a sun shade virtually anywhere because of the availability of many shapes and mounting options. Sun shades afford a very high level of comfort because even though you are outdoors, you are protected from direct sunlight and, at the same time, can enjoy the cooling breeze from all sides. Further, the fabric is breathable, which enhances its comfort factor. The installation of the sun shade is as easy. Sun shades represent an affordable way of protecting your family and guests from the elements while letting you enjoy the outdoors.

Among the main cons of sun shades is that the installation can be a bother if you need to cover a large area. Also, in case of windy weather or heavy snowfall, you will need to take it down to prevent the fabric from tearing. The cost of installation can go up significantly if you need to install mounting posts or hire a professional. You cannot install shades over an area used for cooking since the heat and oily fumes can damage them.


Sun shades are simple in construction but versatile. If you want a handy solution for sun protection, without the bother of erecting something more substantial, sun shades are optimal. With good care, you can expect sun shades to last eight to ten years, which make them good value for money.