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It has been a 12 months considering that the commencing of COVID-19 and quarantine. Because of to the pandemic, a great deal of eating places had been closed in my hometown — a single of them was a compact pancake restaurant identified as Aunt Wang’s Breakfast Shop (王大妈早餐铺), which I frequented each and every early morning on the way to main faculty. It was an significant aspect of my childhood, and I feel nostalgic each time I believe about how their pancakes tasted. 

There were being numerous breakfast diners up coming to my main university. The cooks had been often busy building Chinese hamburgers identified as rougamo (肉夹馍), deep-fried doughnut sticks (油条)and vintage Chinese tofu beverages (豆腐脑). Regardless of staying active planning all this foodstuff, the cooks would never ever ignore to say “Enjoy!” or “Have a wonderful working day!” Even nevertheless it was difficult to opt for what to get from the diners, a pancake and a bowl of soybean milk was my beloved breakfast pairing, and I hardly ever received drained of it all through my 6 several years of main faculty. They constantly gave me vitality and created likely to university a lot extra pleasing. 

Speedy ahead to 2021, the place quarantine has provided me lots of time to check out out recipes. Naturally, I decided to experiment with the pancake to see if I could replicate this nostalgic taste. Very first, I tried using creating them just based mostly on my imagination and naive assumptions. I merely extra water and salt to flour and was remaining with a mess that warped my childhood reminiscences into a nightmare. Right after hunting online for pancake recipes, I tried using adding some oil to the pancake batter to develop a number of airy levels that would strengthen the texture and increase taste. However, the ensuing pancake nonetheless wasn’t suitable due to the fact the texture was not as smooth as I remembered. I consulted my mother, and she advised me to insert some boiling drinking water. Surprisingly, boiling water was the magic trick that perfected my pancake recipe.

Now, you may be wanting to know why I went to this kind of lengths for a pancake. It’s because this reliable Chinese staple — colloquially regarded as danbing (单饼), which translates to “single pancake” —  is incredibly flexible and can be paired with several distinct flavors. Originating in Shandong, these Mandarin-model pancakes are normally eaten with roasted pork or duck, cucumbers and a dipping sauce. They can also provide as the great choice to starchy carbs like rice or noodles.

Danbing is comparable to an additional well known Chinese staple known as eco-friendly onion pancakes (葱油饼), but there are a several key discrepancies over and above just the use of scallions in environmentally friendly onion pancakes. For illustration, inexperienced onion pancakes originate from Shanghai according to legend. They are also folded many instances ahead of mixing in scallions, and they are smaller sized and denser than the vintage pancake that I will be introducing down below. 

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Prepare dinner Time: 25 minutes

Yields: 3 pancakes


7 cups of any kind of flour — preferably wheat flour 

1 cup boiling water 

½ cup heat drinking water

1 cup of any form of cooking oil — preferably soybean oil

2 teaspoons of salt


  1. Include the boiling drinking water to 4 cups of flour in one particular bowl. In yet another bowl, pour the heat drinking water over 2 cups of flour. 
  2. Totally mix the two mixtures in their respective bowls with chopsticks, a whisk or a identical utensil. After, blend the two mixtures jointly in just one bowl. The resulting batter may be a little watery, but this is standard and actually assists make the pancake softer and more delightful later on. 
  3. Protect the bowl with plastic wrap for 10 minutes — in this article, the mixture really should thicken until it seems relatively malleable by hand.
  4. Sprinkle the remaining cup of flour about a reducing board and divide the dough into a few elements.
  5. Decide just one of the dough pieces and push it with your hand into a incredibly thin pancake — about 8 inches in diameter.
  6. Spread some oil and salt around the pancake.
  7. Flippantly roll the pancake into strips so that it can be coiled up into a spiral.
  8. Push the spiral into a slim pancake with your hand. Even nevertheless you will finish up with another slender pancake related in form to the a person in phase five, techniques six and 7 are very important for developing levels.
  9. Set your pan to medium warmth and hold out for it to get very hot. Then, lightly coat with the cooking oil of your selection.
  10. Set the pancake on the pan and fry it for a minute, turn it above and fry it for a different moment.
  11. Repeat measures 4 through nine two additional times until finally you have completed frying all 3 pancakes.

It is critical to notice that the achievements of your pancakes is determined by remembering to use each boiling water and warm water. Making use of cold drinking water will lead to pancakes that are tricky to chew, but boiling drinking water will make them delicate on the inside of and marginally crispy on the outdoors. Also, you can effortlessly retail store leftover pancakes in the refrigerator and only reheat them on a pan afterwards on.

This recipe may well contain measures that look unfamiliar to you, but the resulting delicacy will definitely make your courage and attempts deserving. For some a lot more genuine pairings, I would personally consume the pancakes with soybean milk or millet congee to build a particularly nourishing breakfast. 

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