June 23, 2021


Is Food In You

Food stuff blogger provides African dishes on the net

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This foodstuff blogger is boosting African-motivated information on the net

Site: Dakar, Senegal

(SOUNDBITE) (English) KARELLE VIGNON-VULLIERME, SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER, Expressing:”I know that my followers definitely love African food items for the reason that it truly is vibrant, it can be tasteful. I get ready all variety of food, but I know that my followers, when I publish African recipes, they really, truly respond. They like, they remark, they share. I know that that kind of material, they truly like that.”

Karelle Vignon-Vullierme has nearly 100,000 Instagram followers

She suggests ‘influencing’ is continue to new to sub-Saharan Africa

“The main thing I imagine people don’t think about when they talk about Influencers is that this is a genuine work. It is not a 9 to 5 position – I remedy messages all day, all night. Alright, this is what I select to do, but I create material each and every working day for my community. Simply because they want, I do not know how to say it, I have to feed them with articles, and to generate that content material is 24/7 work.”

Video Transcript

KARELLE VIGNON-VULLIERME: I know that my followers truly really like African food items for the reason that it’s vibrant, it really is tasteful. I, I get ready, like, all variety of foodstuff. But I know that my fellow, my followers, when I set, when I write-up [INAUDIBLE], or [INAUDIBLE], or African recipes, they seriously, definitely react. They like, they remark, they, they share. I know that that kind of content material, they, they really like that.


Way of living, a few, and the meats, my lady.

The principal factor I consider persons never consider about what they, they speak, or when they imagine about influencer is that this is a actual position. It’s, it is not like 9:00 to 5:00 occupation. Like, I enter messages all working day, all evening, mainly because this is– Okay, this is what I pick out to do. But I produce contents every single day to, to hold my local community, due to the fact they, they want to– I really don’t know how to say, but I have to feed them with content. And to have to, to generate that written content, it’s a 24/7 get the job done.

I really don’t know if–

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