Friday Things #475 – Brown Eyed Baker

1. Joseph made his First Communion last week! He got strep and missed the original day but was able to attend a makeup one later in the week. THEN his dek hockey team won their championship game! He had a wonderful weekend, to say the least!

2. And my new favorite picture of my sweet babes:

3. We are in full end-of-school-year mode over here! (Whoever coined the term “Maycember” was right on the money – May definitely gives the holidays a run for their money in terms of how many events there are!) The kids are so excited for summer break, and I am, too! What fun things do you do around home or town during the summer?

4. I have seen this vegetable chopper all over Instagram in the last few months! Does anyone have it? Is it better than a good knife? I need details!

5. I read this in the most recent James Clear newsletter I thought it was worth sharing:

“Be excited for people when they succeed.

When a friend or family member reaches an important milestone like getting a promotion or making their first sale or scoring acceptance into their desired program, celebrate it. Buy them a drink. Send them a card. Tell them you’re proud to know them.

Being thrilled on someone’s behalf is a lovely way to be. Winning is better when shared.”

6. Summer always screams angel food cake to me; if you’ve never tried making one, I beg you to try! Head over to the homemade angel food cake recipe and add it to your weekend baking list 🙂

7. I love the little poem in this Instagram reel… “you’ll only have shadows when your life is filled with sun” ☀️ Gosh, how fast kids grow!

8. Looking to jumpstart your spring cleaning? This list of 23 Things to Declutter in 2023 is a great place to start!

9. We need some new TV ideas… what are some of your recent favorites?

10. TGIF! I found Duke like this when I got out of bed one morning, and boy, he looked so content!