How To Create a Perfect Wine Storage Area In Your Home 

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Some people work to make sure that where their wine is stored is well planned and prepared. If you are among those who like hitting the bottle once in a while, or you have friends or visitors requiring you to make wine provisions, a wine storage area is needed. 

This will help you to have where to keep your stock of wine available and also be ready whenever wine is needed. 

Preparing a storage area for your wine does not mean that you should break the bank. If you don’t have a provision for a standard wine cellar, a portable wine cabinet cooler can serve the purpose. Here are some tips on creating a proper storage area for your wine. 

  1. Consider the location

An important thing to consider when building a wine storage area is planning and preparing for the location. The location of your wine storage area will depend mainly on the amount of money and space you have in your home. 

It can also depend on the purpose of the wine storage area and how convenient you want it to be. For instance, if you live alone and have a fridge freezer with wine cooler UK, there would be no need to create another place for wine storage since you already have one in the fridge. 

  1. Protect from vibration

Wherever you want to store your wine, make sure that you keep it away from any vibration source. A vibration source might be from a loudspeaker, a gym area, or even a washing machine. 

When your wine storage area is exposed to vibration, it might cause the cork to start getting leaky. Also, when the sediments that make up the wine are disturbed, it may make the wine bit to age well. 

  1. Protect from light

One of the reasons why the cellar or a dark under the staircase is good for storing wine is because sunlight or any form of light rarely enters such an area. It doesn’t matter if you are storing your wine for some days or months. The ultraviolet rays of the sunlight will make the aroma of the wine and the flavor to be degraded. 

  1. Maintain a proper humidity

When you are preparing a storage area, you must keep the humidity level in that environment in mind. The level of humidity allowed in your wine storage area will affect the amount of time it will last and the flavor. 

The humidity level should be around 60 and 68 percent. Lower humidity causes the wine to dry out, while higher humidity will make the wine labels peel off. 

  1. Soft lighting should be installed

It is not recommended that your wine storage area should be kept dark. This is to make sure everything is seen by someone entering the area to prevent clumsiness. This lighting shouldn’t be with a non-ultraviolet resistant light, but with a LED bulb as they don’t produce much heat


If you love to take wine, you should create somewhere you can store them for future use. Preparing for this place can be hard if you have no clue what to do. Planning for the location, avoiding direct sunlight, and controlling the humidity are things to take note of.