October 23, 2021


Is Food In You

‘It certainly is the excellent wrap’

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“It actually is the fantastic wrap,”​ Kroll explained to FoodNavigator-United states, who was the former CMO of MillerCoors and still left the enterprise to go after his accurate business enthusiasm of creating items that increase consumers’ wellbeing. Prior to Egglife, Kroll headed up internet marketing attempts at better-for-you athletics drink manufacturer Coco5. 

Launched in 2019, Egglife completely ready-to-consume wraps are created from egg whites, xanthan gum, all-natural flavors, salt, and nisin (a all-natural preservative). The wraps deliver the very same stretch and neutral style profile buyers expect from a flour tortilla, but with a better-for-you dietary profile: a person wrap contains <35 calories, 0g of fat, 0g saturated fat, <1g carbs, <1g of fiber, 0g of sugar, and 5-6g of protein

“If you compare that to the leading flour tortillas, there’s no comparison. Once you get people to make that switch, they switch for good,”​ said Kroll.

Rocketing demand: ‘Our growth has been repeatable whether it’s urban or rural, or upscale or downscale’

Expecting to make a dent in the multi-billion-dollar category where there’s been a handful of better-for-you entrants is an ambitious undertaking, acknowledges Kroll, but one in which the emerging brand has already made meaningful progress.

According to Kroll, the brand is “batting a thousand”​ with nearly every retailer it has approached. Last month, Egglife entered Walmart stores with more retailers on deck including Target, additional Kroger banners, and is in “early conversations” with Whole Foods Market. 

“It’s been a pretty remarkable journey. In October of 2019, we were pre-revenue. We entered 2020 in 75 stores in the Chicagoland area, we finished 2020 with about 1,700 doors … and by the end of this year, we expect to be in 10,000 doors,”​ he said. 

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