Japanese Italian Sanjusan is now open up in Minneapolis’ North Loop

Daniel del Prado of Martina and Colita has partnered with Shigeyuki Furukawa of Kado No Mise to open Sanjusan right now in Minneapolis’ North Loop. The new restaurant blends Italian and Japanese cuisines, which means hearty fare like pastas are offering deceptively uncomplicated toppings, like a fettuccini tossed with uni and topped with hunks of king crab. Or a spicy tomato sauce pizza adorned with bits of uncooked tuna and shaved endive.

Positioned in the previous ground floor location of Kado No Mise (now upstairs), the cafe is divided by the entrance into two rooms. A single with an open kitchen area and a further with the bar. Seating is meticulously spaced out to comply with COVID protocols and the tables have been adorned with compact hooks to keep masks.

The cafe opened with a lesser menu, divided into starters, yakitori, pizzas from a wooden-burning oven, pastas, and most important programs. The bar menu is a blend of basic cocktails produced with Japanese elements and presented with some whimsical prospers, like a martini glass garnished with copper wire held cotton sweet cloud.

Parpadelle with king crab and uni
Pleasure. Summers

Sanjusan is open up starting at 5pm tonight, and day by day thereafter. Reservations can be created online.

Three ribeye nigiri sit on a while earthenware plate on a blonde wood table, a black dining chair is visible in the background

Ribeye nigiri, just scarcely charred and served around marrow seasoned rice with shaved horseradish on top
Pleasure Summers

Kado No Mise is however on web-site, but now situated upstairs in the former kaiseki eating place. Adjacent whiskey bar Gori Gori Peku is unchanged.

A martini glass is filled with orange liquid on a blonde wood table. It appears that there is a floating cloud above the glass

Bitter tangerine flavored cotton candy is held aloft from a gin, Aperol, and dry Curaçao consume referred to as the Mican
Pleasure Summers