January 24, 2022


Is Food In You

Japanese pet-robot Lovot is getting its own permanent cafe near Tokyo

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Japan is full of robots, whether they’re detecting people wearing face masks, serving ice cream, or towering over us, like Yokohama’s 18-metre tall Gundam mech. There are also plenty of robot pets and companions out there, including Lovot, an adorable little bot that’s getting its own permanent themed café in Lazona Kawasaki Plaza.

Photo: Groove X, Inc.

Opening on October 31, the café gives you the chance to meet and greet different coloured versions of the penguin-shaped robot while waiting for your food – Lovot themed, of course – to arrive.

Lovot Cafe
Photo: Groove X, Inc.

The food menu offers an array of dishes with Lovot-inspired decorations, like the avocado burger (¥2,600 including a drink) and grilled veggie curry (¥2,600) that are both too cute to eat, as well as desserts including waffles (¥2,100) and cake rolls (¥1,800).

Lovot cafe
Photo: Groove X, Inc.

After ordering your food, you get to pick your favourite Lovot to join your table – the ten at the café each have their own names and personalities. Lovot robots are designed to interact with humans and show a range of emotions, just like a living pet, meaning they’ll urge you to play with them and get upset when they’re being ignored.

Lovot cafe
Photo: Groove X, Inc.

Unlike a lot of themed cafés in Japan which are pop-ups, this one is here to stay, so you can visit as many times as you want and there’s even a loyalty card. Five visits will get you an original Lovot tin badge, while 20 will get you exclusive Lovot merchandise that isn’t available any other way. 

Lovot Cafe is located on the 2nd floor in Lazona Kawasaki Plaza. It opens on Saturday October 31.

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