Sophy’s Cambodian restaurant proprietor discusses heritage and traditional delicacies – Extensive Beach front, California

Nick Lem stepped up as a business enterprise owner of Sophy’s Cambodia City Foodstuff & Songs in 2014. He works with a significant group to go on to provide regular Cambodian delicacies to the neighborhood. Photograph taken by Samantha Cortez on Might 13, 2021.

Nick Lem, owner of Sophy’s Cambodia City Food & Songs in Long Beach, talked about the historical past of the cafe and classic Cambodian delicacies at the Zoom occasion on May possibly 14th.

Professor J-son Ong of LBCC led the conference and claimed he has been a frequent purchaser at Sophy’s for numerous decades.

Sophy’s cafe commenced in Beaverton, Oregon in 1991 and moved to Prolonged Beach front in 2001.

“Things did not go nicely in Oregon. It is a diverse sector and a unique purchaser foundation … Sophie moved below with the concept of ​​starting ourselves,” Rem explained.

Lem is the nephew of Sophy Khut, the previous operator of Sophy’s. Rem took in excess of possession of the cafe in 2014.

“In 2014, we professional a time when we weren’t absolutely sure if we wished to go on. (Kut) At the crossroads … she was physically and mentally fatigued. We did it. I was ready to simply call it give up. I played my aspect, energized her and tried using to reiterate in her mind: “You are crucial to the extensive beach front neighborhood and men and women are you. Love the foodstuff and your area brings hope to the Cambodian group, “Rem reported.

Lem mentioned Khut continues to be an active participant in Sophy’s restaurant functions, primarily in the kitchen area.

Rem also discussed lots of of the well-known Cambodian dishes served at Sophie’s.

Sophy’s signature dish is beef jerky, which is normally emphasised by food items critics going to places to eat.

“In my feeling, it is an item that sets it aside from other Cambodian restaurants. It is a incredibly complete approach, it normally takes a quite extended time to make, and it is produced with a good deal of appreciate. The meat requirements to be massaged, marinated, saved, put in the oven and then placed in a tempura pan, “says Rem.

Pre-salmon (salmon salad) is one of Sophie's most popular dishes. Photo taken by Samantha Cortez on May 13, 2021.
Pre-salmon (salmon salad) is one particular of Sophie’s most preferred dishes. Image taken by Samantha Cortez on May perhaps 13, 2021..

Other client favorites involve pre-salmon (salmon salad) and beef skewers.

Salmon salad is created from thinly sliced ​​salmon, chili, garlic, coriander and lemongrass and is put in a handmade dressing.

“As a recurrent visitor to Sophie, I have to say that salmon salad is terrific,” reported Ong.

Beef skewers are served as an appetizer with papaya pickled salad.

“Beef skewers are a common cooking item in Cambodia. If you are in Cambodia’s Cook Out, you must appear across an aunt or cousin trying to give it to you,” Rem stated.

Beef skewers are well-liked with consumers at Sophy’s. Served with papaya pickled salad.Image taken by Samantha Cortez on May possibly 13, 2021.

Rem’s most loved dish is Chamikatan (Radna), which is viewed as Cambodian and Thai.

Radna is manufactured from fried noodles, beef, shrimp and Chinese broccoli and goes nicely with fried eggs. Rem said Radna was a at ease meal for him.

On mentioned that Radna was also a person of his most loved dishes and had been eaten due to the fact childhood.

Sophy’s offers a lot of specialty drinks these kinds of as Thai iced tea, fresh new coconut juice and Angkor beer imported from Cambodia.

Sophy’s also has a dessert display that involves freshly produced goods at the restaurant. On the show is a dessert designed from steamed banana leaves stuffed with a selection of ingredients these as pumpkin and jackfruit.

Rem stated he used time redesigning Sophie’s model throughout the pandemic blockade. Sophy’s now capabilities a freshly refurbished inside and exterior seating arrangement.

“We have made our personal outdoor eating area. This is very well known with our company and we made the decision to depart it there … In accordance to the COVID guidelines, we cannot have 100% ability. At the moment With this environment process, company searching for to minimize their social length can make a decision to sit outside the house, “says Rem.

“This is a great location to try to eat. I keep going to Sophie as common,” claimed On.

Lem reported he was excited about Sophy’s long run, and without having the ongoing guidance of buyers and the full local community, the restaurant wouldn’t be where it is nowadays.