Sweet and Savoury Food To Serve At Parties

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Home parties are becoming a trend because of the ease, convenience, affordability, and many other factors. Planning home parties can be a daunting task as well because you have to take care of everything from scratch. There are a lot of articles and websites dedicated to decorations, party themes, and favours. Deciding the party menu can be a bit of a hassle. There are a few steps involved when deciding the menu: take into consideration the guests preferences (vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or both) age of the guests (child, adult, or both). If possible, take into account the specific details (gluten allergy or any other health condition). Once you are sorted with this, the next is to finalise the dishes. For that, read the below section: 

  1. Macaroni and Cheese: Popular by the name of Mac and Cheese, it’s everyone’s favourite. You can make this at home easily. If you have some non-vegetarian guests at home, you can add bacon as its flavour looks great with macaroni and cheese. Toss in lots of vegetables with it, a great way to make kids eat veggies. 
  1. Whole Wheat Pancakes: You can serve pancakes as a side dessert. Whole wheat pancakes are a healthier and tastier version of regular pancakes. You can top the pancakes with fruits like bananas, berries, and lots of maple syrup. You can make Nutella pancakes as well because kids are in love with this spread. Spread a thick layer of Nutella, and it will be the most delicious dessert to serve. 
  1. Salad: Salads are served with the main course as an appetiser. It is healthy and complements the main course. You can make different versions of salads. Macaroni salad with fresh veggies and a hint of mayo so that children will eat as well. Chickpea salad in Indian spices, herbs, sauces, sprout salad, and fresh vegetable salad with eggs, etc. 
  1. Pizza Pockets: A great way to have pizza. Pizza pockets are mainly all-purpose flour pockets with pizza filling and lots of cheese. You can use wheat flour to make the dough of the pizza pockets. A nice snack to serve during the party. 
  1. Tacos: Nothing tastes like Mexican tacos. Nothing is tastier and healthier at the same time as tacos. Taco is a wheat tortilla filled with toppings. You can choose any filling. You can make fusion fillings for the same. You can prepare the tortillas beforehand and store them in air-tight containers. 
  1. Assorted Desserts: For a birthday party, anniversary celebration, you can have a table of assorted desserts: brownies, macrons, cupcakes, Cakesicles, cake lollipops, etc. You can bake these at home or order online. Display doughnuts in a stand or have a bowl full of chocolates and candies. Chocolate puddings can also be served. 
  1. Cake: You can never ignore a cake when you are celebrating. Even if it’s a home party, you cannot afford to miss a cake. You can go for online cake order in Patna as many bakeries are providing contactless delivery services. Baking a cake at home may not be everyone’s cup of tea; hence it’s best to order. 
  1. Indian sweet dish: Indian sweet dishes have an unmatched taste. For true Indians, traditional sweet dishes like Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Rasai Malai, Gajar ka Halwa, Custard (Phirni) will always remain the best. You can make or order these for the parties as well. Serve any of this after the meals or as a side sweet dish. 

Now, you are ready to throw a scrumptious and tasty home party on any occasion or festivity.