Video Introducing Process for Certification of Japanese Cuisine Cooking Techniques Produced by TOW Co., Ltd.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has proven Pointers for the Certification of Cooking Competencies for Japanese Delicacies in Foreign Countries as of April 2016.

Follow this connection [] for a documentary that demonstrates the value of the certification procedure as a result of the tales of international cooks making an attempt the take a look at for Gold Certification, the system’s highest outlined regular.

This method lays out precise criteria that personal bodies may possibly use to identify overseas cooks who have obtained given ranges of expertise and cooking skills essential for the preparing of Japanese cuisine, to support assure that the appeals of Japanese foods and nutritional society, as effectively as of Japanese agricultural and marine products, are appropriately and properly communicated through the earth.*

And by means of it, the non-public sector is able to place itself as a driving power in endorsing initiatives to certify Japanese delicacies cooking abilities, rising the selection of qualified individuals, and fostering even more development in foreign chefs who have obtained the ideal know-how and competencies for preparing of Japanese delicacies, all with the best objective of additional strengthening the global reputation of Japanese food stuff and dietary lifestyle and expanding use of Japanese agricultural and maritime products and solutions.

To that close, TOW Co., Ltd. is actively engaged as the Software/Administration Entire body of the Certification Procedure. As of March 2021, it has approbated 11 certifying bodies, which have in transform identified 14 personal chefs as meeting Gold Certification requirements, 187 assembly Silver, and 389 conference Bronze.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a sizeable blow to the food services industry throughout the world, TOW Co., Ltd. remains dedicated to carrying out its missions, and to encouraging all overseas chefs aspiring to acquire the information and abilities to effectively put together Japanese cuisine. It is our hope that the generation and sharing of this online video introducing the System for Certification of Cooking Expertise for Japanese Cuisine will assistance fulfill all those targets.

*Certification requirements

Those who have approximately two a long time sensible knowledge in a Japanese cafe situated in Japan whose head chef is Japanese and are considered to have obtained information and expertise specified.

Knowledge and Capabilities to be Acquired

  • Awareness with regards to Japanese dietary lifestyle
    Information about Japanese dietary society, Japanese food items, feeding on design and style, Japanese sake and tea.
  • Expertise about hygiene administration
    Types and avoidance of food stuff poisoning, outfits, handling of foods elements, cleansing and sterilization of cooking utensils and gear, food stuff elements and meals that call for heating cure.
  • Methods
    How to use Japanese cooking utensils and devices, how to pick out foods ingredients, how to slice and peel foods ingredients, strategies and hours expected for cooking, warmth degree/system of software of warmth, how to make dashi (Japanese soup inventory), blending ratios of seasonings, presentation, preservation technique, preparing of menu.
  • Omotenashi
    Words and phrases, greeting, thought, manners, how to put foods.

These who took classes and acquired information and skills pertaining to Japanese delicacies specified somewhere around just one yr at any cooking colleges found in and out of their individual country and then graduated from stated school.
Those who have approximately a single yr practical working experience in a Japanese cafe positioned in Japan whose head chef is Japanese and are deemed to have obtained expertise and competencies specified.

Expertise and Techniques to be Obtained

  • Expertise pertaining to Japanese dietary society
    Knowledge about Japanese dietary lifestyle, Japanese foods, eating design
  • Know-how with regards to cleanliness administration
    Sorts and avoidance of foodstuff poisoning, apparel, handling of foodstuff components, cleansing and sterilization of cooking utensils and products, food substances and meals that have to have heating treatment.
  • Techniques
    How to use Japanese cooking utensils and devices, how to choose food stuff elements, how to slash and peel foodstuff substances, mixing ratios of seasonings, methods and several hours demanded for cooking, warmth degree/mechanism of application of warmth, how to make dashi (Japanese soup inventory), presentation, preservation process.
  • Omotenashi
    Manners, how to position foods

Those who gained education relating to information and skills specified in shorter-term periods etc. organized by any Japanese cooking faculty and/or private bodies found in and out of their possess countries and then passed the assessment performed by the Certification Human body.

Know-how and Expertise to be Obtained

  • Awareness pertaining to Japanese dietary culture
    Information pertaining to Japanese dietary society
  • Knowledge pertaining to hygiene administration
    Prevention of food poisoning, garments, handling of meals substances, cleansing and sterilization of cooking utensils and products, meals ingredients and meals that demand heating cure.
  • Methods
    How to use Japanese cooking utensils and gear, how to choose foods components, how to lower and peel meals ingredients, blending ratios of seasonings, processes and hours necessary for cooking, presentation, preservation system.
  • Omotenashi