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What To Do If You Were Attacked In The Parking Lot?

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I Was Attacked in a Public Parking Lot: Do I Have Grounds to Sue for  Compensation?


Accidents, theft, and robbery are common just about anywhere. However, one place where incidents of assault and theft are startlingly increasing is the parking lots. The dark corners and inattentive drivers make an ideal place for criminals to commit crimes. 


Being attacked in a parking lot where no one was around can be frightening. Your health may be out of danger, but you may be too traumatized and scared to think about your next move. Lawyers from Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP can help you in this difficult time. 


Who is at fault if you get attacked in a parking lot?


When a car accident occurs in a parking lot, such as one car hitting another and breaking its headlights, the other driver is at fault. However, when you get assaulted/attacked in a parking lot, the property owner is also at fault along with the attacker. 


Premises liability applies here. Property owners have the duty to keep their premises safe for guests or customers. If you were attacked in the parking lot, the lot owner would be held responsible for failing to provide security in their premises. 


For instance, poor lighting can make it easier for thieves and robbers to hide and make a sudden attack. It is the owner’s responsibility to provide adequate lighting in every corner of the parking lot. If the lights are broken, they should fix it as soon as possible and put up a warning sign until they do. 


What to do if you were assaulted/attacked in the parking lot?


Understandably, you must be in a state of shock after being attacked. However, if you wish to get your compensation, you should take these steps. 


  • Seek medical attention


Seeking medical attention is essential for building your personal injury case. By going to the doctor immediately after the incident, you can understand the extent of your injuries when they are still fresh and document them to maximize your compensation. 


  • Take pictures and collect evidence. 


After the attacker has left, take pictures of your injuries, no matter how minor they may seem. You may also take pictures of the area where it happened, broken headlights, windshields, windows, dents, etc. 


  • Go to the police station. 


Filing an official police report of the incident is crucial for your personal injury case. The police will ask questions and try to find the attacker based on the details you provide. Meanwhile, you can speak with an attorney and discuss your options further. 


While the police will attempt to find the attacker, success is not guaranteed. Moreover, such attackers do not have assets, insurance, or money to pay for your compensation. Therefore, filing a claim against them would be useless. 


Nevertheless, you can still hold the parking lot owner accountable and recover your damages. 


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