Why Should You Start Cooking With Iron?

If you’ve watched home shopping infomercials, you’ve probably seen all sorts of fancy cooking wares that use nifty technology. New technology looks great and performs well, but your best bet is to go with cooking ware that is almost as old as time itself — iron. 
Humans have been cooking with cast iron since 220 AD ancient China, and it remains every bit as useful today as ever. You should consider cast iron benefits before you start shopping for the best cookware to use. 
Below are some benefits of cooking with iron that you should be aware of.

Iron Reduces Chemical Exposure

One of the first tips for beginner cooks is to reduce and eliminate the exposure to toxicity as much as possible. While many cooks focus on things like food poisoning, some of the worst toxicity is created by your cookware. 
Iron is the best cookware for eliminating chemicals. Modern cookware is often coated with non-stick applications. These applications contain perfluorooctanoic acid, which might cause cancer. 
So while it adds a measure of convenience, it can also prove lethal over time. Iron pots, pans, and skillets are made from organic materials, which greatly reduces this risk. 

These Pans Are Durable and Become More Useful as Time Goes On

You’ll appreciate that your iron cookware will last for years to come. Most people have memories of their grandmothers cooking with the same skillet their entire lives. 
Iron skillets often get passed down to generations, which is a testament to how long they last. The more you use iron cookware, the more seasoned and effective it becomes. 
You also won’t have to worry about iron breaking or becoming damaged over time like you would cheaper modern cookware. 

Your Food Won’t Stick to the Surface

Iron is also a material that is resistant to sticking. You get a natural non-stick surface without having to add any chemicals. 
Cooking your favorite recipes becomes easy and less time consuming. Trying out new recipes will become a labor of love, rather than a hassle that you have to go through. 
Once you learn how to clean a cast iron skillet with a gentle soap, you’ll have your entire kitchen routine down pat. 

It Can Be Healthier for You

Finally, you will likely find cooking with iron healthier. Many tips for cooks revolve around using the right type of grease or oil. One of the benefits of iron is that you have to use far less cooking oil. 
Using less oil means you’re taking in less fat and can make meals that are healthier and less greasy. 
A bit of the pan’s iron will strip off into your food, which can actually fortify your diet. Getting more iron in your diet can assist with gut health, energy levels, focus, and blood quality. 
People today are becoming more health conscious than ever. Diabetes is at an all-time high and people are dying from heart attacks and heart disease at high rates. 
Being able to control the health qualities of the food you cook helps you to take your health and well-being into your own hands. 
With these tips at the forefront of your mind, you can start looking for the best cast iron skillet that your money can buy. 

Start Cooking With Iron

The tips above will help you out if you’re considering cooking with iron. You will soon become a pro in the kitchen, and it all started by purchasing the best cookware for the job. 
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