May 25, 2022


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6 Bento Catering Ideas for the Modern Office Professional

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Bentos boxes are a kind of food container that originated in Japan. Typically, bentos feature throughout lunch time, especially in schools and offices. Here are six bento catering ideas for office gatherings for the modern office professional.

Bento is equally as much regarding just how magnificently you organize the foods inside a box as it is about package itself. A beautiful, premium bento boxwould be a feast for your eyes and your taste buds.

We’ve rounded up some of the ideal bento catering boxes available online. From pastries to savoury snacks or tasty entrees, you’re bound to locate the most excellent bento catering box for you.

Bento Catering Ideas

  1. Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes. They’re the perfect one-bite treat at any type of party. Opt for Christmas-coloured cupcakes like red velvet alcohol-infused cupcakes.
  2. Taco Casserole. This is the dish I take frequently to potlucks, and the pan comes home vacant each time. It has the alluring taco taste that everybody longs for.
  3. Sesame Pulled Pork Sandwiches. I wanted to construct a far better pork sandwich, and also this Asian-style filling was a substantial hit with my partner as well as colleagues. Induce the wasabi and sesame mayo to wow your lunch members.
  4. Barbeque Chicken Sliders. Brining the meat over night assists make these BBQ chicken sliders taste remarkably good. And also, they’re so tender, they thaw in your mouth.
  5. Original White Beehoon with Signature Fried Chicken Wings. These White Beehoon creates a savoury taste and melts in your mouth. They match perfectly with the juicy fried chicken wings.
  6. Ice cream sandwiches. It could be cool outside, yet hopefully, points are heating up at your vacation party. Gelato sandwiches are not only tasty, however they’re additionally party-friendly as they have a tendency to make things a little less untidy.


Food Safety Tips For Bento

In most cases, food is stored in lunch boxes for several hours, so the lunch box needs to stay amazing. Food safety and security tips include selecting a protected lunch box or one with a freezer pack, or consist of a covered icy water bottle to keep the lunch box cool.

Also, do comply with sanitary food preparation approaches. When food will be stored in the lunch box for numerous hours prior to consuming, this is particularly crucial.

Furthermore, prepare lunches the night prior to as well as store in the refrigerator or fridge freezer.

To take note of special items, subject to spoiling foods such as milk products, eggs and sliced meats ought to be kept cool and also eaten within about four hrs of prep work. If simply cooked, don’t pack these foods.

Bento boxes are a great solution for office gatherings and events, since there are single serve portions for everyone. They provide the perfect portion size to enjoy, so if you want an easy way to plan your next gathering without worrying about food safety, then contact us today!

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