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7 of the Best Restaurants in Boise, Idaho

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Taking a trip to Boise soon? Idaho’s largest city is also the 98th largest city in the country.

It has the look and feels of a big city, but with only 200,000 residents, it’s small, easy to navigate, and offers plenty of views of the surrounding mountains.

There are tons of fun things to do in the area on your Idaho vacation. But no trip would be complete without a proper tour of the food in Boise. The best restaurants in Boise Idaho will surprise you.

Food in Idaho isn’t renowned like other famous food centers across the US. But with a surprisingly rich culture, and passionate locals, you’d be remiss to try a few of these amazing restaurants.

If your belly is empty in Boise, read on below to find out where you should fill up next.

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1. Lemon Tree Co

Everyone loves a good sandwich. And at Lemon Tree Co, you get some of the most unique sandwiches in the state.

Ever had a sausage and pear sandwich? What about a sandwich with ham, yam, and jam? The PB & JJB is also a hit, which contains house-made peanut butter, cherry preserves, applewood bacon, and roasted jalapenos. 

To wash it all down, Lemon Tree Co specializes in lemonade. They have a rotation of flavors, including the likes of blood orange, strawberry basil, and blackberry sage. 

This artisan sandwich shop, right in the heart of Boise, is worth a visit. But if you just can’t leave your hotel room, then you can order delivery with Uber Eats or Doordash. 

2. Bittercreek Alehouse

Looking for a place to grab a beer, but also has amazing eats? Bittercreek Alehouse has one of the largest tap lists in the city. They feature dozens of craft beers brewed in Boise, throughout Idaho, and around the Pacific Northwest. Hard cider, spiked kombucha, and wine by the bottle are also available.

The food menu pairs perfectly with a couple of cold beers. You can order comfort food like poutine, smoked Idaho trout, or a classic burger. Ingredients for Bittercreek Alehouse, and their sister restaurant (Diablo and Sons), are sourced locally, paying homage to Idaho’s great agricultural history. 

This includes the likes of grass-fed beef from a nearby ranch, and of course, local Idaho spuds. 

The atmosphere is everything you want it to be, with a big emphasis on family and friendly service. The outdoor patio seating is perfect in the summer or on a brisk fall evening. 

3. Wiseguy Pizza Pie

Whether you are visiting Boise for a day, a week, or a month, no trip is complete without sampling the local pizza scene. If you need pizza delivery, the go-to spot is Wiseguy Pizza Pie.

Wiseguy cooks their New York-style pizzas in a traditional stone deck oven for a thin, foldable, yet crispy crust. Each slice is huge. No forks are needed like those weirdos in Chicago use.

Their ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible, and the dough is made fresh, by hand, every single day. You can grab it by the slice for lunch, and order your own pie for dinner. But with local beer available on tap, it’s worth stopping in and sitting down.

4. Barbacoa Grill

There’s a big emphasis on basque-style food in Boise. Many restaurants in the area provide you with a little taste of Spain.

The Barbacoa Grill features flavors of Spain, along with other cultures such as Mexico and the taste of the Caribbean.

You can expect some fancier dishes here, with a big emphasis on locally sourced meat, including beef, lamb, and charred kebabs, and ribs. 

The restaurant is thoughtfully designed since it’s also a museum and an art gallery. Barbacoa is an exotic, fine dining experience. And the rooftop seating, overlooking the surrounding countryside, is not to be missed. If you can’t make it for a full evening meal, then at least show up for a cocktail hour.

5. Boise Fry Company

You can’t visit Boise and not go to a place that specializes in the state’s famous crop, right? Boise Fry Company is all about fries made from local, Idaho spuds. 

And of course, they have sides to go with the fries, like mouthwatering burgers made of beef, bison, mushroom, or turkey. 

The fries are the star of the show though, which many different options, like russet, gold, Yukon, or sweet potato. And the cut style includes curly, shoestring, homestyle, or regular. 

And forget about boring, old ketchup. The dipping sauces here will take you on a journey of their own. Try the blueberry ketchup for something fun and refreshing. 

6. Bibrom’s Ethiopian and Eritrean Food

If you have yet to try Ethiopian cuisine, you are missing out. If you like to eat with your hands, then a traditional Ethiopian platter will do you right.

With a combination of entrees served together to share, you can use injera bread to scoop up a bite of each dish, rather than using utensils. It’s more fun, and you get to know your date a lot faster.

Doro wat is popular, which is chicken simmered in berbere sauce. And make sure to get some tibs as well, which is sauteed lamb and onions.

Who says food in Boise has to be boring?

7. Fork

Looking for a brunch spot? Fork Restaurant is a favorite on the weekend. The menu offers a ton of variety, though you can’t go wrong with fried chicken and waffles.

Not feeling fried chicken? Order the Chef’s Benny. Lunch and dinner are also available at Fork, including delicious dishes like the seared Idaho rainbow trout or the pan-seared duck breast. 

The restaurant is located inside the old Boise City National Bank building, which provides a beautiful, historic ambiance. And the outdoor patio is perfect on a warm summer evening. 

Enjoying the Best Restaurants in Boise Idaho

The city of Boise is rich in culture and amazing cuisine. The best restaurants in Boise Idaho offer something for everyone, whether you are looking for the unique taste of Boise, or exotic flavors from afar. 

If you’re passing through, you owe it to yourself to stay for a few days to sample a few of these incredible restaurants. 

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