Simple BBQ Foods Everyone Should Try

Have you always wanted to make barbeque but found it too complicated?

Between complicated sauces and precise grilling times, you might think that there’s no barbeque food you can make that won’t take you hours to prepare.

But since barbeque itself adds so much flavor to food, you’d be surprised at how many simple BBQ foods you can make that will still taste delicious.

Whether you’re making a barbeque meal for friends or just for you and your family, the list of foods below is sure to make you excited to barbeque without taking up too much of your time.

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When you’re learning how to barbeque, one of the first things you can learn to make is burgers.

If you need to save more time, you can always get packaged ones, but making your own patties really doesn’t take much time and tastes a lot better.

For a leaner option, try making burgers out of ground turkey instead of beef.


One of the best foods to barbecue is steak because you only need to season it.

A simple steak recipe involves brushing the steak with oil, seasoning with salt and pepper, and then grilling it.

Then, all you need to do is serve the steak with your favorite vegetables, mashed potatoes, or a salad and you have a delicious meal!

Sweet Corn

For a simple yet delicious side, grill some sweet corn until the outside is slightly charred.

And when you take it off the grill, add some butter and salt while the corn is still hot. 

This is the perfect food for a birthday party, family barbeque, or when camping. And if you need some help with your party, check out Hickory Hanks Barbecue for catering.


While asparagus isn’t everyone’s favorite vegetable, it tastes much different when you grill it on a barbeque.

When the asparagus is slightly charred on the outside, take it off the grill and drizzle it with olive oil and parmesan cheese.


Since salmon is very good at withstanding heat, it’s a great option for the grill.

You can add a simple glaze to your salmon or serve it with a sauce.

For more flavor, you can grill your salmon over cedar planks. This way, it won’t stick to the grate either.

Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms are some of the best food to grill if you have any vegetarians coming to your barbeque.

Not only do portobello mushrooms make for delicious burgers, but you can grill them and cut them up to add to salads as well.

Try These Simple BBQ Foods Today

When you try some of these simple BBQ foods, you won’t want to go back to putting them in the oven or cooking them on the stove.

You’ll notice the difference in taste right away, and the best part is that the grill does most of the work in flavoring your food so it’s ready to be enjoyed.

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