June 28, 2022


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7 Ways to Enjoy Homemade Mustard Sauce

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Home cooking has become much more of a regular occasion lately. A survey showed that 71% of Americans say they will continue to cook at home after the pandemic. So you are not alone if you are looking for fresh meal ideas.

Yet, when stocking the pantry, you want some items that are versatile and delicious. Well, one of the best things to have on hand is the ingredients for a great mustard sauce.

And if you are not sure how to make homemade sauces, keep reading. Here are seven excellent ways to give your homemade dishes some extra zing.

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Mustard Sauce For Every Occasion

Would it surprise you to learn that the ancient Greeks once used mustard seed for medicine? However, the condiment we know today didn’t originate until the 13th century in Dijon, France.

But today’s kitchen staple makes entertaining guests or creating family dinners even better. And a homemade mustard sauce goes well with more than cooked meals. So if you want to thrill your hungry crowd, try these uses for homemade sauce.

1. Dunk and Dip

If you’re looking for a healthy snack alternative, put out a tray of sliced apples with mustard sauce dip. And for variety, nothing goes better with mustard sauce than soft pretzels.

2. Get Cheesy

Friends are always entertained by a savory cheese board when they arrive. Set a bowl of homemade mustard sauce with a drizzle spoon to put on cheddar and brie. The tangy taste explosion is a sure winner.

3. Salad Toss Up

Mix a little olive oil and lemon juice for a mustard sauce vinaigrette. This delicious combination takes salads and vegetables to the next level.

4. In The Broiler

When cooking meat in the oven, there are a couple of uses for good homemade mustard sauces. First, use it as a rub to give your roasts a delightful crust.

Also, toss the mustard sauce in root vegetables before they go in the oven. Try mixing oil, salt, and pepper for a brine that gives added flavor to carrots and potatoes.

5. Savor Your Seafood

A mustard crust also goes well brushed on hearty fish like salmon or tuna. Then, when the fish comes out of the broiler, the caramelized glaze makes every mouth water.

Try something different with your other seafood meal ideas. For example, create crab mustard with your favorite homemade mustard sauce.

6. Get Cracking

Mustard sauce plays a key role in your favorite breakfast and brunch foods. But, of course, poached eggs always go better with a homemade sauce. And what would a deviled egg be without mustard?

7. Spread the Flavor

Your morning toast will taste even better when you add lemon and mustard sauce. Yet, there’s no reason to stop there because mustard butter will make mashed potatoes sing.

Now You’re Cooking

When you have the right ingredients on hand, new and exciting meal ideas are always available. For example, mustard sauce has been around for generations as a featured flavor enhancer. The only limit to what you can do with a homemade mustard sauce is your imagination.

So, spruce up your homemade dishes with meal ideas that are sure to please. And if this article puts a good taste in your mouth, come back for more helpful hints.

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